Press Release 10/29/17

City Council to Hold a Closed Session Meeting to Remove Planning Commissioner Stephens Johnson

The timing of Stephens Johnson unprecedented removal is suspicious.  At the same Planning Commission meeting where the interaction between Mr. Johnson and the Assistant City Manager took place, there was also a tie-vote regarding a utilities expansion into the Dominion Corridor, with Mr. Johnson in dissent.  It has long been rumored that Council wants the utilities expansion approved and removal of Mr. Stephens before the issue is re-heard by the Planning Commission seems to support the claim.

The events surrounding Mr. Johnson’s attempted removal provide evidence of a coordinated and orchestrated effort by elected Council members to sway a vote in their collective favor.  An organized scheme of this nature displays the collusion and manipulation that can be achieved when elected officials remain in office for an extended period of time.

Term limits will put an end to the collusion and scheming that is plainly observed in this week’s events.  Issues of this nature should not be decided upon by elected officials who have a financial and influential interest in the decision, rather, the issue should be decided directly by the voters of Chesapeake.  We are calling for Chesapeake City Council to place our term limits question on the May 2018 ballot.