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Our team at Chesapeake Term Limits wants to emphasize that we come from a variety of backgrounds and carry differing political views.  As such, we are not organized to target or attack any specific politicians, parties, or offices.  Our goal is simple, give the voters of Chesapeake a voice.  This May, we want the voters of Chesapeake to have the rare and unique opportunity to vote on an issue that impacts all of us, city-wide.

“Do you support the establishment of term limits on all locally elected officials?”

To get this question on the ballot, we will need your help.  Per the Chesapeake City Charter, we need to collect 29,000 signatures from registered Chesapeake voters within a four month window.  That window will begin this coming week!  Want to help?  GREAT!  We would love to have your assistance!  Here’s what you can do:

Print the petition and start collecting signatures after our “launch” is announced this week.  The petition form is linked.  Please follow all instructions. Petition Form

If you can’t print the form, email us at and we will supply you with petition forms.

Join our Newsletter here to stay on top of our efforts.  Find out which events we will be at, how many signatures we have collected, and any updates.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog.  With your help, we are eager to put power back in the hands of the people!

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