**BREAKING NEWS** Chesapeake City Council being Sued by Sentara for Corrupt Voting on Recent Project

Sentara v. City Council Complaint as filed


The link above is the official court document showing Sentara alleging that Chesapeake City Council has unfairly voted in favor of Chesapeake Regional.

Sentara is claiming that the denial of their recent application was “arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable, and therefore, invalid.”  Sentara is asking the Court to “declare that the zoning amendment requiring a conditional use permit to operate a ‘medical care facility’ ” be voided and declare that Chesapeake City Council approve the application.

The rumors of the corrupt and  preferential treatment of our local government for Chesapeake Regional have been circulating for years.  It appears that thanks to Sentara, the corruption is finally being exposed.  No entity in Chesapeake should receive preferential treatment over another.

The question remains, how does council benefit from blocking Sentara?  Why would they generate a “nonsensical” basis to deny a perfect acceptable women’s imaging facility?

Whatever the answer, it justifies in the mind of council that health care options in Chesapeake should be limited, and not all applicants get a fair opportunity.  What other areas could this corruption have seeped in to?

We deserve better leadership.  Politicians making binding votes for their own personal gain is dirty, corrupt, and needs to be removed from office.


11-1 press release


Chesapeake Term Limits will be holding a “term limits” rally at Big Ugly Brewing from 6-10pm on Friday November 3.  At this rally, we will have the petition available for signing, a small survey regarding the favorability of term limits, yard signs for those interested, and many elected officials and current candidates.  We hope that both sides of the term limits issue will have a chance to express their views and perspectives, not just from citizens, but also from current political leaders.  All Chesapeake City Council members have been invited.

Press Release 10/29/17

City Council to Hold a Closed Session Meeting to Remove Planning Commissioner Stephens Johnson

The timing of Stephens Johnson unprecedented removal is suspicious.  At the same Planning Commission meeting where the interaction between Mr. Johnson and the Assistant City Manager took place, there was also a tie-vote regarding a utilities expansion into the Dominion Corridor, with Mr. Johnson in dissent.  It has long been rumored that Council wants the utilities expansion approved and removal of Mr. Stephens before the issue is re-heard by the Planning Commission seems to support the claim.

The events surrounding Mr. Johnson’s attempted removal provide evidence of a coordinated and orchestrated effort by elected Council members to sway a vote in their collective favor.  An organized scheme of this nature displays the collusion and manipulation that can be achieved when elected officials remain in office for an extended period of time.

Term limits will put an end to the collusion and scheming that is plainly observed in this week’s events.  Issues of this nature should not be decided upon by elected officials who have a financial and influential interest in the decision, rather, the issue should be decided directly by the voters of Chesapeake.  We are calling for Chesapeake City Council to place our term limits question on the May 2018 ballot.

Press Release 10/26/2017

List of Signing Locations Continues to Grow

In our effort to bring the movement to the maximum number of Chesapeake residents, we now have SIX locations throughout the city carrying copies of the petition.  These strategic locations provide concerned Chesapeake residents a convenient opportunity to sign the petition with minimal traveling.  A list of these locations is found below and at our website, chespapeaketermlimits.com.

Our next signing event and press conference will be Monday, October 30th at the Chesapeake School Board meeting.  This event will include hundreds of concerned parents of current or future students at Deep Creek High, Hickory High, Grassfield High, Deep Creek Middle, Hugo Owens Middle, and Hickory Middle.  Additionally, the standing water and mold conditions at Hickory, Deep Creek, and Great Bridge High Schools will be discussed. The school administration building can be found at 312 Cedar Rd.


Signing Locations:

D Debs, A Taste of Home

105 Old Dr Chesapeake, VA 23322



Big Woody’s Great Bridge

123 Battlefield Blvd N Ste H Chesapeake, VA 23320



Big Woody’s Western Branch

4200 Portsmouth Blvd Chesapeake, VA 23321



Big Ugly Brewery

1296 Battlefield Blvd Chesapeake, VA 23322



Ray’s Pizza

2444 Cedar Rd Chesapeake VA, 23323



Tap-it Local

648 Grassfield Pkwy Chesapeake VA, 23322



Today is the day!  Today, our four-month clock starts running.

We have four months to collect 29,000 signatures to get our question on the May 2018 ballot.

“Do you support the establishment of term limits on all locally elected officials?”


Signing this petition does NOT imply that you support term limits.  It does imply that you believe Chesapeake voters should get to choose.  It is a rare and unique opportunity for the citizens to vote on a specific issue.  When we obtain the necessary number of signatures, we will let democracy work.  At long last, it will not be politicians, special-interests, or wealthy campaign contributors making important decisions, but the Chesapeake Voters!


We are excited to start the process and we need your signatures!  Email us at chesapeaketermlimits@gmail.com to get your name on our petition!

Chesapeake Term Limits

Hello!  Thanks so much for scanning through our page!

Our team at Chesapeake Term Limits wants to emphasize that we come from a variety of backgrounds and carry differing political views.  As such, we are not organized to target or attack any specific politicians, parties, or offices.  Our goal is simple, give the voters of Chesapeake a voice.  This May, we want the voters of Chesapeake to have the rare and unique opportunity to vote on an issue that impacts all of us, city-wide.

“Do you support the establishment of term limits on all locally elected officials?”

To get this question on the ballot, we will need your help.  Per the Chesapeake City Charter, we need to collect 29,000 signatures from registered Chesapeake voters within a four month window.  That window will begin this coming week!  Want to help?  GREAT!  We would love to have your assistance!  Here’s what you can do:

Print the petition and start collecting signatures after our “launch” is announced this week.  The petition form is linked.  Please follow all instructions. Petition Form

If you can’t print the form, email us at chesapeaketermlimits@gmail.com and we will supply you with petition forms.

Join our Newsletter here to stay on top of our efforts.  Find out which events we will be at, how many signatures we have collected, and any updates.  http://chesapeaketermlimits.com/join-our-mailing-list/

Finally, share all of our of posts on facebook at facebook.com/chesapeaketermlimits

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog.  With your help, we are eager to put power back in the hands of the people!