About Us

Chesapeake Term Limits is actively pursuing our goal of obtaining 30,000 signatures to get a question on the May ballot asking the voters if they support term limits on elected officials in Chesapeake.

Why was Chesapeake Term Limits created?

As life-long residents, for years we have heard:

  • Frustrations expressed by various citizens with the city government
  • Inconsistencies/double standards in how projects are approved
  • An attitude among citizens that their interests aren’t being represented and that all decisions have been made in advance by campaign contributors
  • More focus by elected officials to win re-election than to actually stand up for what citizens want

How will term limits help?

  • Less time for wealthy special interest groups to interfere and influence government policies and positions
  • New candidates, new ideas, new directions. The more people involved in the political process, the better democracy works.
  • It is well known that extended periods of time in political position will change any individual. With a time limit, the chances of corruption are decreased and the elected officials never lose touch with the citizens.

We are asking you to sign our petition to get our question placed on the May 2018 ballot. Decisions of the magnitude should be handled by the voters themselves rather than out of touch representatives. Click HERE to sign our petition.